At the time of the World War II, there is the heavy use of the bombers. Countries had competed to build their own bombers that are advanced than what the enemy has. It is not just the ground forces that one must take note but also the air attacks because of the presence of bombers. It has started with the dropping of improvised grenades as bombs. As it was successful that is why many also had followed to use them. They can inflict losses to the enemy and so they are supported. Countries who do not have them also made effort so they could have one.


There are various models that were then made and improvements were made soon for a new plane. That is why there are various ones that we can know today. They are the ones used for WWII. There is the dive bomber which is specially used for the attack using the vertical diving tactic that produces accuracy on the target. There are also bombers that were labeled as light, medium, and heavy bomber are the ones used to describe aircraft in accordance to their size. There is also the torpedo bomber that is designed especially to carry torpedoes as its weapons.



They also used aircraft designed to carry attacks in the ground and they could focus on destroying the tanks or bombing troops. They also made night bombers that will carry attacks at night where some may not expect. Maritime patrol is the one that is used in the long-range bombings. With engine power as a major limitation, combined with the desire for accuracy and other operational factors, bomber designs tended to be tailored to specific roles. They were designed to carry bombs but not much as one who will attack other aircraft.